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iRecept: Under Developement

With the launch of our iPBeX Virtual Phone System (PBX) and VoIP Telephone service, we are enhancing our iRecept service to take advantage of this new telephony platform. Stay tuned for a relaunch date!
In the meantime, feel free to check out our new iPBeX Virtual Telephony service! - a total telephony solution.

SOHO Enhanced+

$40 monthly
  • Free setup!
  • 800 Monthly rollover minutes!
  • Custom "Vanity" or Std. Toll Free number available
  • 4 Voicemail
  • 2 Information
  • Voicemail to email.
  • 2 Call queues.
  • Ring 4 numbers.
  • Just 5c / minute.
Account number:

-or- Pay Weekly:
  • $10 Weekly
  • 200 Weekly rollover minutes.
Account number:

Business Enhanced+

$120 monthly
  • Free setup!
  • 2500 Monthly rollover minutes!
  • 100 FREE minutes!
  • (Free minutes applied as credit)
  • FREE Custom Toll-Free "Vanity" number! (Save $40)
  • 10 Voicemail boxes.
  • 5 Information boxes.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • 5 Call queues.
  • Ring 10 numbers.
  • Just 5c / minute.
Account number:

-or- Pay Weekly:
  • $30 Weekly
  • 625 Weekly rollover minutes.
  • 25 FREE minutes!
  • (Free minutes applied as credit)
Account number:

750 Minute-Pak+

Only $35
  • One time replenish.
  • 750 Minutes.
  • 50 FREE Minutes!
  • (Free minutes applied as credit)
Account number:

200 Minute-Pak

Only $10
  • One time replenish.
  • 200 Minutes!
Account number:

SOHO Plus+

$20 monthly
  • Free setup!
  • 400 Monthly rollover minutes!
  • Custom "Vanity" or Std. Toll-Free number available
  • 2 Voicemail
  • 1 Information
  • Voicemail to email.
  • 1 Call queue.
  • Ring 2 numbers.
  • Just 5c / minute.
Account number:

-or- Pay Weekly:
  • $5 Weekly
  • 100 Weekly rollover minutes.
Account number:

Business Plus+

$80 monthly
  • Free setup!
  • 1650 Monthly rollover minutes!
  • 50 FREE minutes!
  • (Free minutes applied as credit)
  • 50% off a Custom "Vanity" Toll-Free number! (Save $20)
  • 6 Voicemail boxes.
  • 3 Information boxes.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • 3 Call queues.
  • Ring 6 numbers.
  • Just 5c / minute.
Account number:

-or- Pay Weekly:
  • $20 Weekly
  • 412.5 Weekly rollover minutes.
  • 12.5 FREE minutes!
  • (Free minutes applied as credit)
Account number:

1150 Minute-Pak+

Only $50
  • One time replenish
  • 1150 Minutes.
  • 150 FREE Minutes!
  • (Free minutes applied as credit)
Account number:

500 Minute-Pak

Only $25
  • One time replenish.
  • 500 Minutes!
Account number:

iRecept - is your virtual receptionist!

Need a virtual receptionist?

How about a virtual call center?

iRecept's "virtual receptionist" and "virtual call center" services, also known as: an auto attendant, automated call distributor (ACD), and an interactive voice response (IVR), were designed for the small office / mobile office workforce with simple remote answering needs.

Whether you're looking for a 1-800 toll free number, or would like to reduce your missed calls by having your incoming calls to your business routed in a call center* style fashion, iRecept helps give your business the presence of a "large corporation."

Take advantage of our generous toll free number plans (with rollover minutes) and advanced call features such as call queuing,* caller ID routing, voicemail to email, custom music on hold and many more! (Click here for a list of features).

*(Call queuing, a call center feature, is where your callers are placed in a 'virtual waiting area' listening to music on hold while they wait for the next "available agent" to take their call, in the order it was received.)

Even if you only need a simple toll-free number without all the "bells and whistles" our plans are highly affordable, and customizable; with a plethora of rollover minutes to suit just about any need!

Ready to get started?

Great! Simply fill out the Sign Up Form* and create your new account. *Be sure to read this entire page before signing up.

  • After filling out the sign up form, you will instantly receive an account number. You may then purchase one of the prepaid plans listed on either side of this page. Just copy and paste (or type in) your new account number in the field above the buy now button, before clicking "Buy Now."
  • Once you have your account number and you have purchased a plan, you may:
    • ( CLICK HERE ) to fill out an online form to help us setup your new iRecept - Virtual account.
  • We will handle the actual configuration on our end, you simply fill out our web setup form. We will also contact you to confirm your information before the final step in the setup process.
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours to completely setup your account including all custom recordings and configurations.
  • If you've purchased a minute-pak, please allow up to to 30 minutes for your minute-pak to be applied to your account.
  • Click here view our current and future planned list of advanced call features.
We accept the following payment methods:

credit cardspaypal
Paypal Secure Payments
  • All plans include free setup, weekly roll-over minutes,
  • We offer low cost weekly and monthly payment options. If you prefer a bi-yearly or yearly payment plan feel free to contact us.
  • All iRecept plans are pre-paid subscription based offerings. This helps your account maintain a positive balance.
  • You will receive a low balance reminder email once your account balance reaches 15 minutes (configurable). You will then have the opportunity to replenish your account with minute-pak refills. This optional purchase is in addition to the automatic replenishing of the plan you are subscribed too. Please note your account will be limited once it reaches a zero minute balance and remain limited until a scheduled or optional replenishment has occurred.
  • As there are no contracts and you may cancel at anytime. As long as your account remains current your unused minutes will continue to rollover with no expiration. Refunds are discretionary based on usage and offered less a $19.95 account setup fee.
  • After signing up and purchasing a plan, a representative will assign 3 to 5 Toll-Free numbers for you to choose from. Please note as other representatives have access to the same pool of numbers in our system, your chosen number may or may not be available.
  • We also offer custom "Vanity" toll-free numbers, such as
    1-888-OUR-NAME. Vanity numbers are available for a separate one time fee of $40 (invoiced separately). Be sure to let our representative know if you prefer a vanity number and allow up to 10 business days for your chosen number to become active. We will temporarily assign a local number (in your area) during this time.
  • Our current rate for iRecept - Toll Free service is just 5 cents per minute! This covers inbound calls from the United States - Continental (48 states). If you anticipate high call volumes from Hawaii, Alaska or Canada, please contact us for a rate adjustment (currently 8c / minute). Otherwise your account may be subject to a surcharge if you receive a high number of inbound calls from these territories.
  • By subscribing to our iRecept service you agree not to hold
    PBX Interactive, LLC and its subsidiaries, liable for any and all damages, or any other types of claims, of any kind; related to, and/or not related to, the services you receive through our iRecept service, and in full agreement with our Terms of Service.
  • Pricing and terms subject to change at any time.

iRecept - Sign up here!

Incoming Features:
  • Pre-Paid Toll-Free number: - with generous minute plans, rollover minutes and super low per minute overage rates! (currently just 5cents / minute!)
  • Custom (vanity) toll free numbers: - such as
  • Calls routed to an Auto Attendant menu, Virtual Receptionist menu, IVR (interactive voice response) application or your own Virtual Call Center (automated call distributor or ACD).
  • Professional Recordings: - for your virtual receptionist menu.
  • Multiple Mailboxes: - with voicemail to email features.
  • Caller ID support: - throughout entire call path.
  • Caller ID Blocking: - Selectively block callers based on their caller ID!
  • Call Reports: - real time detailed call reports.
  • Balance Reminders: - receive a reminder once your account balance reaches 15 minutes (configurable).
Outgoing features:
  • Simultaneous Ring: - of up to 10 numbers (as call plan allows) from your virtual receptionist / call center.
  • Call Queuing: - Ring external numbers in a traditional call center queue fashion, whereby callers wait in queue for "the next available agent!"
  • Caller ID Routing: Selectively route callers to pre-determined destinations based on their caller ID.
  • External Call Confirm: - Accept calls by pressing 1. This prevents a caller from hearing a personal voicemail greeting on a call transferred to a cell phone or a home phone.
  • Call Announce: - Receive a custom message before accepting a call such as "Incoming sales call."
  • Custom Music on hold and/or advertisements w/ Ring Replace: - Play custom on hold messages, music, or advertisements of your services in place of normal ringing to your callers!
Future planned features!
  • iRecept - Live Receptionist! - Our staff of trained receptionists will answer calls in your company's name!
  • Full client web portal.
  • Fax to email.
  • Email to fax.
  • In-call transfer / conference.
  • MeetMe conference calling.
  • Documents on demand (via fax).
  • SMS messaging.
..:Click here (or scroll down) to view a list of features!:..