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iLine - instant remote support line!

Are you in need of support?


iLine is targeted at home and small business users with remote computer, network and phone system support needs. We have experienced technicians available to troubleshoot basic issues in areas such as email, web, virus, and spyware removal, along with standard applications such as Microsoft Office.

Phone system support areas include troubleshooting of static, dial tone issues, voicemail configuration, date / time changes and many more. In most cases we can access your system remotely to enhance troubleshooting and workflow. If you are in the New York City area we are also available for on-site support. Please see our rate table and our service request form to submit a request.

To get started... Just sign up here for a PBXi™ iLine account!
( CLICK HERE! ) *Read this entire page before signing up!

  • After filling out the "sign up" form, you will instantly receive an account / pin number to which you can then purchase one of the refills listed on this page. (We recommend at least a 30 minute refill)
  • Be sure to reference your account / pin number (copy and paste it) in the field before clicking "Buy Now."
  • Please allow up to to 30 minutes for your refill to be applied to your account.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view a tentative list of support offerings!
We accept the following payment methods:

credit cardspaypal
Paypal Secure Payments

  • Current support hours are from 12pm to 8pm Eastern Standard Time. We will be adding additional hours in the future!.
  • As the service is new, not all support areas listed will be available at all times. These cases will require scheduling with our support staff.
  • You are purchasing basic (Tier 1 / Level 1) desktop support services.
  • At no point do we guarantee any or all of your support needs will be resolved! However we are pretty good at what we do and will do our best to accommodate all your support needs!
  • By purchasing support you agree not to hold PBX Interactive, LLC liable for any and all damages of any kind; related to, and/or not related to, the support services you receive through this service.
  • Support services of a Tier 2 and higher level (such as a computer unable to boot, or a phone system that is down) will require scheduled dispatched services at our standard hourly rates.
  • Refill accounts currently do not auto renew and unused minutes may, at our discretion, expire after an extended period of time (currently 1-year).
  • Pricing and terms subject to change at any time.

Email Support:
  • -Outlook
  • -Outlook Express
  • -Windows Mail
  • -Netscape
  • -Mac Mail
  • -Entourage
  • -Thunderbird
OS Support:
  • -Windows 98,
  • -Windows ME,
  • -Windows XP,
  • -Windows Vista
  • -Mac OS 9
  • -Mac OS X
Internet Support
  • -Internet Explorer
  • -Mozilla Firefox
  • -Safari
  • -Netscape
  • -Web Hosting
  • -Wired (LAN)
  • -Wireless (WLAN)
  • -Internet Connection
  • -Troubleshooting
  • -Routers (SoHo)
  • -Switches (SoHo)
Optimum Voice:
  • -Crostalk
  • -Facing Issues
  • -Wireline Troubleshooting


Phone Systems:
  • -Nortel
  • -Norstar
  • -Panasonic
  • -Toshiba
  • -Asterisk* (Distro's)
  • -Trixbox
Voicemail Systems:
  • -Call Pilot
  • -Call Pilot Mini
  • -Meridian Mail
  • -Octel
  • Panasonic TVS
  • Toshiba

POTS, Telco, Multi Line, etc..:

  • -Configuration
  • -Wiring
  • -T1
  • -DSL
  • -Cable Modem
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