Easy to install.
Easy to manage.
For administrators and users alike, the
phone system should be almost invisible
- a no-worry, no-hassle conduit for all
the critical information flow of business.
Tr ue to that proposition, Business
Communications Manager 50 systems are
straightforward, reliable, cost-effective,
easy to install and easy to use.
The Business Communications Manager 50
comes in a rugged, plastic enclosure about
the size of a package of printer paper. This
compact, all-in-one unit can stand alone
on a desktop, be mounted in an optional
19" equipment rack, or wallmounted with
an optional mounting bracket.
Simplify administration with integrated
management tools.
Installation and
configuration are a snap, because the
Business Communications Manager 50
comes with its own intuitive management
application. In fact, you can monitor and
program the entire system, with its many
capabilities, from just a few windows of
the software. You don't even have to have
a PC or IP connection to manage the
unit, because most functions can be
programmed through any connected
telephone set.
Easily manage large, distributed
If your enterprise network
includes hundreds or even thousands
of Business Communications Manager
systems - even a mix of models, you can
manage all those systems efficiently from
a central location. The Nortel Network
Configuration Manager helps you create
and maintain a centralized database of
system configurations, so it's fast and easy
to bring new systems online, back up
system information, and restore system
information from archived data.
Take advantage of centralized applica-
You can further streamline network
administration by centralizing applica-
tions for messaging and management, and
distributing those capabilities over your
IP network. In addition to saving money,
your organization benefits from standard
greetings, global administration, and a
consistent interface and experience across
the entire network.
Integrate telephony
and data with one
cost-effective device.
The Nortel Business Communications
Manager 50 system combines the best
elements of high-end digital PBX phone
systems, cutting-edge convergence solu-
tions and robust data networking in one
affordable package. By integrating
advanced data networking and comprehen-
sive telephony features in a single device,
Business Communications Manager 50
delivers a level of system integration and
flexibility rarely seen in the industry - and
certainly uncommon for small business
locations. Combine this with quick setup
and ease of operation, and Business
Communications Manager 50 is clearly
the logical choice for your business.
From Nortel. This is the way
business gets done.
Don't take chances with your business
communications. Count on the company
that has been delivering telephony and
data systems to the world's largest service
providers and enterprises for decades -
the company that pioneered the digital
revolution, reinvented business networking
in the Internet Age, and leads the market
in small/medium business telephony
To find out more about how Nortel
Business Communications Manager
systems can help you boost employee
productivity and satisfaction, streamline
business operations and costs, and deliver
superior customer service, contact your
local reseller or visit us on the Web at:
Easy installation and set-up for worry-free telecommunications
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