Business Communications Manager
is also ideal for supporting IP
telephony in hybrid digital/IP
and pure-IP environments. The
Nortel Networks i2002 and i2004
Internet Telephones combine the
functionality of the popular
Meridian handsets with the power
and flexibility of IP telephony, and
the Nortel Networks i2050 Software
Phone brings complete telephony
functionality to a Windows PC.
IP telephony - A technology
whose time has come
Until now, it's been impossible to
find an affordable platform that's
capable of handling both data
and IP telephony in a converged
environment. Telephony can now
be easily extended across large
campuses without the distance
limitations of digital systems.
In addition, wireless IP telephony
provides companies with
exciting new ways of meeting
their business requirements.
Wide-area connectivity over IP
extends advanced call centre
and messaging applications to
both branch and home offices,
creating a more cohesive structure
that will maximise the efficiency
of personnel.
Best of all, Business Communications
Manager is a flexible, future-
proof solution that will enable
organisations to adopt new
technologies at their own pace.
Whether a company is interested
in a gradual migration from digital
PBX phone systems to a more cost-
effective IP telephony infrastructure,
or a pure-IP solution capable of
delivering advanced network
services, Nortel Networks can help.
Today's increasingly competitive
marketplace poses a challenge to
single-site and multi-site businesses:
to adopt technologies that will help
businesses grow and compete
more effectively.
Nortel Networks understands that
new hardware investments need to
deliver tangible benefits. Business
Communications Manager is
designed to help organisations
achieve the strategic edge they are
looking for, reduce operating costs,
improve customer service, and
increase revenues by expanding
market reach.
Centralised configuration and
for networks of all sizes.
In addition to an intuitive application
that's ideal for configuring a single unit
or small networks, Nortel Networks
delivers Network Configuration Manager,
a powerful, global, template-based
solution that simplifies the management
of large networks containing hundreds
of units.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
for improved profitability. Now smaller
companies can cut down on customer
hold times, increase the efficiency of
their employees, and improve customer
service by offering information and
ordering capabilities from the keypad
of any touchtone phone.
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
for enhanced security. Intra-site Virtual
Private Networks (VPNs) enable
organisations to use the public Internet
for secure communications, reducing
the need for costly leased lines. Contivity
clients can now be loaded on to users'
remote PCs and laptops, delivering
secure access from any location.
Call centre applications
personalised agent interaction and
customer support with advanced web-
based solutions. The silent monitoring
feature enables supervisors to listen to
calls as they occur, helping to ensure
high levels of customer service.
Unified messaging
productivity by consolidating all
incoming messages - including email,
voicemail and faxes - on to the screen
of a user's PC.
Hybrid environment
existing investments in Meridian and
Norstar systems, offering a future-proof
migration strategy.
Simplified network infrastructure
cuts costs by connecting IP phones over
the LAN wiring system, streamlining
network management and extending
connectivity to multiple sites over the
IP network.
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