"XBLUE X16 Backlit -
High-quality speakerphone "
Navigation key - Allows for easy access to features
Easy to read interactive LCD Display
XBLUE Vivid LightT design - brightly visible blue and green LEDs
One Touch Record feature records real time conversations

Every X16 digital telephone is an exceptional quality speakerphone and provides an easy to read interactive LCD display.

Use the LCD interactive buttons to access your own personal phonebook entries, review caller ID information or look at your call Log of outgoing calls.

And to make the telephone easiest to use in the industry, helpful navigation keys let you scroll through and easily access the X16's abundant feature offering.

When you are away from the office, use the external call forward feature to make sure you don't miss important calls.

Since the Auto Attendant and Voice Mail are standard features of the X16, use the one touch record feature to record real time conversations.

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