Wireless Mobility with the features of a
Desk telephone
Wireless Office Speakerphone
The XBLUE Wireless Office Speakerphone (WiOS)
allows freedom of movement around your facility,
while maintaining the valuable benefits of your XBLUE
45p/Xplus100 telephone system.
Just like the XBLUE 45p/Xplus100 desk telephone the
WiOS provides an easy to use 3-line interactive LCD,
with back lighting added for ultimate viewing in
changing environments.
And, keep your Desk Telephone favorite features such
as speakerphone, voice announce intercom with
answerback, Caller ID and DSS/BLF buttons with the
freedom of a wireless telephone.
Each WiOS has 6 flexible buttons which can be pro-
grammed as follows:
Telephone Lines
provides direct access to outside
Extension Button Appearance
provides busy indica-
tion and one touch dialing to other telephones.
Feature Buttons
Speed dialing, Paging, Do-Not-
Disturb, etc.
One Touch Record
When not at your desk, record
important information, such as telephone numbers
and appointments, without searching for paper and
One Touch Record*
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
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* Re qui res integ rated 4 5p/ Xpl us 100 v oic e mail