New and Saved Voice Messages
status at a glance.
Navigation key provides
easy access to features
“XBLUE Vivid Light™”
brightly visible blue
and green LEDs
Headset jack
High quality
Personalized Feature Buttons
Busy Telephone Indication
One Touch Intercom calling
Speed dialing
and many more
One touch record
of live phone
And, to make the telephone the easiest to use in the industry the
helpful navigation key lets you scroll through and easily access the
45p’s abundant feature offering.
Add the Small Business Voice System with its Email Deliver y feature
and send a copy of your voice mail messages directly to your email.
Then listen to your voice mail messages and read your email all from
one unified spot, your email in-box!
The XBLUE 45p telephone
A very distinguished addition
to any office!
Every 45p telephone is an exceptional
quality speakerphone and provides an
easy to read 3-line interactive LCD
display. Use the eye-catching blue LCD
interactive buttons to review Caller ID
information or to queue on a busy line
or telephone.
At XBLUE Networks we concentrate
on one absolute goal; providing
outstanding, unparalleled value to
small business. As a result of this
exclusive focus we design and
produce the best communications
system solution for your business.
Designed and engineered with the
latest in digital technology, XBLUE
Networks’ 45p Small Business
Communications system delivers a
new, powerful level of
communications sophistication
and efficiency. The innovative
features of the 45p system allow
you to communicate more
effectively than ever before.
And, by using these advancements
in digital technology we can
provide the best communications
solution for your small business at
the most economical cost.
Small Business
Communications System