Desktop Computer Telephony
Integration (CTI)
blends telephones
and computers to support screen
pops, PC-based voice mail and email
management, on-screen click-to-call
telephone directories, remote access for
telecommuters and frequent travelers,
intelligent call routing and control,
database integration and more.
Mobility solutions
enable Norstar
communications to follow your staff
as they roam the building or campus
- spanning up to 1.5 million square
feet of territory. Available in single-cell
or multi-cell options, mobility is ideal
for employees whose jobs aren't attached
to a desk, such as hospital staff, ware-
house operators and sales associates in
large retail outlets.
IP trunking
with the Nortel Norstar
VoIP Gateway enables your organiza-
tion to transmit inter-office voice and
fax traffic over your IP network to
save toll charges and implement
powerful new IP applications.
Unleash the power of
Norstar systems with
featured business sets
To end users, the telephones that sit on
their desks are the system. It's the crit-
ical interface that determines how easy
it is for them to use the phone system,
and in turn, how productive, effective
and satisfied they will be. That's why
Nor tel offers a wide range of user-
friendly Business Series Terminals to
fit any niche in the business, from the
front desk to the conference room, from
supervisors who spend their days on the
phone to mobile workers who are never
at their desks.
There's an entry-level, single-line tele-
phone ideal for public areas such as
cafeterias and lobbies... a choice of
multi-line, display telephones and
consoles for moderate to high-volume
users... cordless phones for several
distinct environments, plus an audio-
conferencing unit and doorphone.
Since Norstar Integrated Communica-
tions Systems support any combination
of these phone sets, you can mix and
match for the best economy and utility.
You could equip public areas with the
most basic one-line sets, give office
professionals and technical specialists
multi-line units with integrated display,
provide more feature-rich sets for super-
visors and managers and equip recep-
tionists and emergency contact positions
with modular desktop solutions that
efficiently distribute calls.
Expand to match the growth
of your successful business
Whether you have two or 200 employees,
it's easy to add phones, incoming lines
and capabilities as you need them. The
modular, scalable design of Norstar
systems lets you configure just what
you need today and expand later.
When you expand from the Norstar
Compact Integrated Communications
System platform to the Norstar
Modular Integrated Communications
System, you can re-use existing hard-
ware and peripherals to extend the value
of your original investment. You'll retain
the same telephones, applications,
desktop setups, ways of working and
most system components.
And as the business continues to grow,
that Norstar Modular Integrated
Communications System platform can
expand in building-block fashion from
just a few incoming lines up to 280
ports in various combinations of lines,
trunks and extensions.
This is the way business
gets done. This is Nortel.
Don't take chances with your business
communications system. Count on
the company that has been delivering
telephone systems to the world's largest
service providers and enterprises for
decades - the company that pioneered
the digital revolution, reinvented business
networking in the Internet Age and
leads the market in small/medium
business telephony.
Figure 2: Business Series Terminals come in both platinum and charcoal
color options. Models from left to right are T7316E + T24 KIM, T7100,
T7208 and T7316E.
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