Campus mirroring
Communication Server 1000E's fault
tolerance and operational resilience
enable active and inactive call servers
to be physically separated on different
floors or in different buildings across a
campus environment.
With redundant call servers that can be
separated from each other over a high-
speed, reliable data link, if a disaster
such as a fire or flood causes one call
server to fail, the redundant call server
will automatically take over.
Geographic redundancy
Since system failures are not always
localized, enterprises must have broad-
reaching failover mechanisms that
provide continuity of service in the
event of disasters or network failures.
Nortel's geographic redundancy
implementation enables networks to
'self-heal' in the event that the main
call server is isolated from the rest of
the network - allowing users to stay
connected and business operations
to continue.
Branch survivability
Connectivity between remote sites and
their network can be impacted without
warning. To minimize exposure in the
event of these unforeseen circumstances,
it's critical that offices be able to support
their telephony infrastructure in isola-
tion. Nortel offers a suite of survivable
branch office solutions to address the
needs and requirements of branch
offices from small to large.
Voice quality management
Equipment reliability doesn't mean a
thing if the network can't provide high-
quality service. Communication Server
1000 supports real-time monitoring and
reporting of network conditions during
calls - enabling quicker resolution to
network problems and ensuring
continued high-quality service.
Nortel's exclusive Proactive Voice
Quality Management (PVQM) enables
network managers to ensure the overall
quality of their IP Telephony deploy-
ments. PVQM continuously and
passively measures the user quality of
experience (QoE) for IP Telephony
communications, conducts system
health checks for IP Telephony servers,
and provides troubleshooting and reso-
lution for any performance degradation
or fault conditions to ensure the quality
of VoIP communications.
Increased user mobility combined with
growing threats from legitimate and
illegitimate users and devices represent
a daunting challenge for companies
who are trying to secure their network.
Nortel has a comprehensive layered
defense approach that ensures the
integrity and security of the network
and its users. This offers numerous
security capabilities that include firewall
protection to secure against denial of
service (DoS) attacks. The Communi-
cation Server 1000 supports a number
of capabilities to ensure the security of
its users, including the encryption of
media and signaling traffic.
Location-based emergency
Communication Server 1000 employs
intelligent emergency services globally
(e.g. 911, 999, 112) that track the loca-
tion of IP clients and direct calls to the
appropriate emergency contact - even
if that client is halfway around the world.
Service ubiquity for
greater productivity
and cost savings
As the workforce becomes more
mobile, staying connected isn't just
a convenience anymore, it's a require-
ment for staying in business. Providing
employees with anytime-anywhere
access to advanced services enhances
worker productivity and improves
customer service.
Nortel Communication Server 1000 highlights
. IP PBX functionality delivered over IP LAN and WAN infra-
structures delivers a comprehensive suite of rich features
and applications
. Support for TDM and IP clients on one platform provides a
smooth migration path to IP at your own pace
. Scalability to meet growing enterprise requirements: 22,500 IP
clients per call server; multiple call servers networked to support
hundreds of thousands of users
. Inherent reliability and multiple resiliency mechanisms that
ensure business continuity during a network or system failure
. Integration with best-in-class unified communications solutions
through alliances with market-leading desktop application
providers such as Microsoft and IBM
. Extensive client portfolio, including IP phones, soft clients,
wireless handsets as well as digital and analog phones to meet
a diverse set of customer needs
. Integration with advanced business-critical applications, including
Nortel Contact Center, Nortel CallPilot unified messaging and
Nortel Multimedia Communication Server 5100 which delivers
unified communications through rich media services
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