Provide all your employees -
whether they're working from
home, on the road, in a branch
office or at headquarters -
access to productivity-
enhancing IP telephony
solutions and applications.
Offer your customers elevated
levels of service through
improved employee contact,
extended reach and always-
on communications.
Do it all with an open, secure,
resilient and flexible platform
that enhances productivity,
improves user accessibility and
enables unified communications.
Nortel Communication
Server 1000
Nortel Communication Server 1000,
one element of a complete portfolio
of unified communication solutions
from Nortel, is a full-featured, highly
scalable IP communications system that
meets the needs of enterprises from
small to large.
Communication Server 1000 offers a
comprehensive array of reliability and
survivability mechanisms to ensure the
integrity of your network, while
enabling communications security
through a full suite of security features
and capabilities. Communication Server
1000 extends Nortel's comprehensive
array of business-critical telephony
features and multimedia applications to
any user that needs them - anywhere
on the network.
Resilient to ensure
business continuity
Ensuring the integrity of your telephony
infrastructure is critical to business
success, which is why Communication
Server 1000 was specially designed with
no single point of failure. The platform
can also be deployed with an array of
reliability and redundancy mechanisms
to ensure that even in adverse conditions,
business continues as usual.
Solution Brief
Nortel Communication Server 1000
Communication Server 1000 portfolio
Where it fits
Communication Well suited for Meridian 1 customers that are TDM-centric and
Server 1000M want to maintain investment in their existing infrastructure while
evolving to enjoy the benefits of IP applications and services
Communication Ideal for new customers that are IP-centric and want a best-of-
Server 1000E breed reliable and secure IP Telephony solution with a broad
portfolio of productivity-enhancing applications and services