Figure 1: Compact and affordable, CallPilot 150
Norstar delivers advanced messaging capabilities
to small and medium-sized businesses.
Risk-free applications trials
allow you to
try and buy only the applications you've
tested and approved.
Web-based management
interface makes
system administration easier than ever
before. Plus, all of the messaging options
are already embedded in your CallPilot 150
module and can be activated with a key-
code to add mailboxes and applications as
your needs expand.
Outstanding quality
you can count on
is evidenced by Norstar's position as the
#1 voice solution in the world, chosen by
small and medium businesses.
CallPilot 150-Driving
business profitability with
easy, advanced messaging
Choosing a telephone system for your
business doesn't have to be complicated.
It all begins with a Norstar Integrated
Communications System, the foundation
of your business communications. Next
come the right telephones. Then, you can
enhance your communications with
specialized applications like messaging,
and other advanced applications.
CallPilot 150 for Norstar delivers the
means to keep your business communica-
tions moving ef?ciently and pro?tably, and
allows you to be accessible to customers
and business associates around the clock,
wherever you go. You will immediately
notice the bene?ts of enhanced messag-
ing-with each communication, you and
your employees will get more work done,
helping your business do more business.
And your customers will appreciate the
difference, too. CallPilot 150 offers the
following key features: advanced integrated
applications, including Centralized Voice
Mail, Centralized Auto Attendant, Uni?ed
Messaging, Auto Attendant, Custom Call
Routing (CCR), Voice Mail, or Call
Center Basic, Web-based management,
and IP connectivity.
The messaging
platform for your future
is affordable today
The ingenious design of CallPilot 150
helps you to make the right messaging
decisions for today, while protecting your
investment for tomorrow. Unequivocally,
it is a cost-effective solution for small to
medium-sized businesses that require
voice messaging, increased scalability,
storage capacity, plus sophisticated appli-
cations. Does your budget require you to
start small today and pay as you grow? Do
you need a call center and sophisticated
applications to stay competitive, which
are also easy to use and administer? And
how do you decide whether you really
want to buy that next messaging applica-
tion? Are you looking for a name you can
count on? CallPilot 150 just made every-
thing easier for you. Discover the advan-
tages of using the next generation in
messaging platforms for your Norstar
business communications system:
Cost-effective design saves you money
today by allowing you to pay for mail-
boxes and applications as you grow.
Sophisticated features
help you to be
more competitive by increasing your
employee productivity and improving
customer satisfaction.
. Scalable up to 300 mailboxes, with a
migration path to more sophisticated
.Embedded applications let you easily
grow as your business needs change,
with simple key-code activation
. IP enabled with 10/100 Ethernet ports
supporting Web-based management
.Supported on Norstar Compact and
Modular Integrated Communications
Systems, as well as all Norstar Telephones
and Business Series Terminals; and for
multi-site businesses, CallPilot 150
shares a common user interface with
Business Communications Manager
and Meridian* CallPilot
Advanced integrated
Centralized Voice Mail and
Auto Attendant
Centralized Voice Mail and Auto Attendant
allow multi-site Norstar customers to
share a single applications server, taking
advantage of substantial cost savings and
simpli?ed management. CallPilot
Centralized Voice Mail allows several
small sites to appear as one larger enter-
prise of?ce by traf?cking all inbound calls
from a single location and administering
those calls between locations seamlessly.
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