over IP (VoIP), Nortel has the right
solution for you. These IP Phones
operate seamlessly across our entire
range of IP enabled platforms and
applications - not just Business
Communications Manager - offering
a complete, fullfeatured IP telephony
solution unmatched by any other
vendor in the industry.
Gain the full benefits
of IP telephony with
advanced features.
Support diverse business require-
Nortel IP Phones support a rich
suite of telephony features, high-value
applications (such as unified messaging
and intelligent contact center services),
and emerging services, such as corpo-
rate and personal directory services.
No need for a separate data port.
Most desktop IP Phones feature a
built-in, three-port Ethernet switch
that splits the network Category 5
cable into separate feeds. Connect
the IP Phone into the network, and
connect your PC into an extra RJ-45
jack on the phone. This one-port
solution conserves wiring closet ports
and eliminates the need for separate
cable drops to the desktop.
The internal Ethernet voice/data switch
always gives priority to the voice port,
so you're sure to get high-quality voice
all the time.
No need for desktop power for
Desktop IP Phones can receive
their power over network cabling.
The Nortel Business Ethernet Switch
50/100/200 or 1000 delivers power for
the phones over the unused pairs of
standard Category 5 UTP cable. This
strategy saves power outlets and makes
it easy to establish backup power resources
to ensure continuous phone service.
Easy to deploy, manage and move
Support for industry
standards makes it easy to deploy
convergence across the organization
and interwork with standards-based
network elements. Automatic firmware
upgrades ensure top performance while
reducing the need for site visits. Thanks
to Dynamic Host Control Protocol
(DHCP), users can connect anywhere
on the network without intervention
by an administrator. With centralized,
automated IP address management, you
can relocate your phone down the hall
or across the globe, and your service
comes up in the new location exactly as
if you were sitting in your own office.
Business communications
made simple
With Nortel digital business sets,
you can extend the value of your key
telephony systems as you upgrade to
Business Communications Manager.
With Nortel IP Phones, you can start
reaping the advantages of convergence
- using digital and IP phones simulta-
neously on one Business Communica-
tions Manager platform and migrating
in stages- when it works best for your
To find out more about how Nortel
digital and IP telephones can improve
the efficiency and productivity of your
business communications, contact your-
local reseller or visit us on the Web at
Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that make the
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