The Nortel
IP Phone 1230 for
, which has 10 programmable
soft keys and a 9-line display, is best
suited for employees with more
advanced communication needs,
for example, administrative assistants,
knowledge workers and other tradi-
tional power users.
Tw o
Nortel Key Expansion Modules
are supported on the IP Phone
1220 and 1230. Choose from an 18-
key LED expansion module that comes
with paper labels; or a 12-key LCD
KEM that is self-labeling.
IP Phone 2000 Series
Nortel IP Phone 2001
is an
entry-level, one-line phone with
display, ideal for low call traffic areas,
such as hotel rooms, school classrooms
and other common areas.
The multi-line
Nortel IP Phone
with integrated LCD display
screen is well suited for users with
moderate call volumes, such as office
professionals and technical specialists.
The multi-line
Nortel IP Phone 2004
with large LCD display is ideal for
managers, executives and administra-
tors who handle large call volumes
and need to view more information
on the display.
Up to four
Nortel IP Key Expansion
can connect to an IP Phone
2002 or IP Phone 2004 to enable a
central attendant or receptionist to view
call status across many users or depart-
ments, and have one-button access to
speed-dial employees.
Nortel IP Phone 2007
a new realm of converged content,
including Web browsing and full-
motion video. This phone has a fully
pixel-based color display and 5.7"
diagonal, VGA touch-screen LCD, plus
a USB interface for a keyboard or mouse.
IP Phone 1100 Series
A premium IP desktop portfolio
with sleek silver design for advanced/
power users.
Nortel IP Phone 1110
BCM50 a single line IP phone with
backlit, pixel-based display for lobbies
and common areas.
Nortel IP Phone 1120E
Nortel IP Phone 1140E
phones, with
backlit, pixel-based displays and USB
interface for keyboard/mouse, are
optimized for Web-enabled applica-
tions. An integrated Gigabit Ethernet
port lets you plug a PC into the
phone and have one cable drop to
serve both devices. Support for
Bluetooth technology frees users
to move around the office.
1100 Series Key Expansion
supports both the 1120E
and 1140E with 18 additional line/
programmable feature keys.
Nortel IP Softphone 2050
"soft client" transforms a laptop or
desktop PC into a converged voice/
data communications platform for
employees on the move - just add
high-speed internet access. The
Mobile Voice Client 2050
"soft client"
transforms a Pocket PC PDA into a
converged voice/data communications
platform for employees on the move
- just add WLAN (802.11b).
Nortel IP Audio Conference
Phone 2033
provides 360, full-
duplex VoIP coverage for an entire
conference room and keypad access
to all BCM conferencing features.
Features = Productivity
Intelligent contact center agents and
others who spend long hours on the
phone will appreciate the handsfree
operation and computer telephony
integration. Mobile employees will
appreciate the ability to simply plug a
lap-top into a network port at a shared
office location, snap in a USB headset
and function as if they were in their
own office - with all their phone
features available to them. Whether you
choose a full-featured desktop Internet
telephone or prefer the comfort and
convenience of a PC equipped for Voice
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