IP Phone 2000 Series
Mobile Voice Client 2050
IP Softphone 2050
2210 2211 2212
WLAN Handset 2200 Series
IP Audio Conference Phone 2033
IP Phone 1200 Series
2001 2002 2004 2007
1110 1120E 1140E
IP Phone 1100 Series
Business Series
Terminal T7406E
Business Series
Terminal T7000
Business Series
Terminal T7100
Business Series
Terminal T7208
Audio Conferencing Unit
7430 7440
Digital Mobility
1210 1220 1230
Nortel Business Series Terminal
T7316E+T24 KIM (CAP)
An expandable desktop telephone
solution designed for administrative
assistants, receptionists and emergency
contact centers. Expands by directly
attaching up to nine T24 Key
Indicator Modules.
Nortel Business Series Terminal
- A full-featured, multi-line
cordless digital telephone that inte-
grates with all supported releases of
Norstar / BCM. It allows mobile
employees to stay in touch with all
the capabilities of their desktop while
ranging up to 1000 feet from the
basestation. Each site can support 1-8
people, making the T7406E a conven-
ient and affordable mobility solution
for small enterprises, branch offices,
retail stores, healthcare clinics, hospi-
tality, manufacturing and other typical
business environments. Available in
NA and most parts of CALA
(excluding Trinidad and Jamaica).
Nortel Audio Conferencing Unit
Provides clear voice service for confer-
ence rooms, with two-way listen/
speak (full duplex) capability and
keypad access to all Norstar and
Business Communications Manager
conferencing features. Available in
NA, Asia and CALA.
Nortel Doorphone
- A wall-mounted
set equipped with a call button that
enables office personnel to talk directly
with visitors before they enter the
business or a restricted area.
Since BCM supports any combination
of these digital phone sets, you can mix
and match for the best economy and
utility. You could equip public areas
with the most basic one-line sets, give
office professionals and technical
specialists more feature-rich, multiline
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