Put the power of
Business Communications
Manager systems into the
hands of users
To an end user, the telephone is the
system. It is the critical interface that
determines how easy it is to use the
communications system, and in turn,
how productive, effective and satisfied
they can be. That's why Nortel offers a
wide range of user-friendly business sets
to fit any niche in the business, from the
front desk to the conference room, from
supervisors who spend their days on the
phone to mobile workers who are never
at their desks.
Digital business sets for
traditional telephony
Nortel digital business sets are used by
more than 15 million people in more than
a million businesses around the world.
Most business sets come standard with
integrated display, built-in headset jack
and wall-mount capability.
Nortel Business Series Terminal T7000
- An entry-level digital telephone with
no display that is ideally suited for basic
office scenarios. Available in EMEA,
CALA and Asia.
Nortel Business Series Terminal T7100
- An entry-level, single-line telephone
designed for public areas such as lobbies,
cafeterias, hallways, break rooms or
other locations where use is occasional.
Nortel Business Series Terminal T7208
- An enhanced, multi-line telephone
with an integrated LCD that is ideally
suited for moderate call volume users,
such as office professionals and technical
Nortel Business Series Terminal T7316E
- A full-featured, expandable, multiline
telephone set for high call volumes, favored
by supervisors, managers, executives and
other "power users"of system features.
Product Brief
Nortel Business Communications Manager Digital and IP Phones