When you want to take advantage
of IP on the network side...
Your employees can use any combina-
tion of IP and non-IP telephones,
extending your investment in digital
business sets while migrating to
convergence in stages.
When you're ready to extend conver-
gence over IP to users' desktops...
There's a choice of industry-standard,
multi-line IP telephones with integrated
LCD display screens, and an IP "soft-
phone" that transforms an existing
laptop or desktop PC into a converged
voice/data communications platform.
Since a single Business Communications
Manager 50 unit can support any com-
bination of these phone sets, you can
mix and match for the best economy
and utility. And as you upgrade from
one Nortel communications system to
another - such as from Norstar* to
Business Communications Manager,
or from a Business Communications
Manager 50 to a Business Communica-
tions Manager 200 or 400 model -
you can choose to keep the same tele-
phones on users' desks.
Buy only what you need
today. Expand as needed.
Add capacity.
The Business Communica-
tions Manager 50 base unit was designed
to meet the interface requirements of
many small businesses and to be afford-
able for sites with as few as 3 to 20
stations. However, this scalable platform
grows to support more than 40 digital set
users and 32 IP set users. Buy only the
ports you need today, and activate addi-
tional ports later as you need them.
When you need to grow beyond the
base unit, just add media bay modules
in building-block fashion to add ports
in various combinations of lines, trunks
and extensions. You can activate those
ports at any time by downloading a
simple keycode. Unlike other systems
on the market, you don't have to replace
the core hardware.
Add capabilities.
Since all features and
applications are pre-loaded onto your
Business Communications Manager
system, these too can be easily activated
through the use of a simple keycode. If
you're not sure which applications are
right for your business, Nortel makes it
easy to decide by offering a 60-day free
trial for most applications - from voice
messaging to the latest CTI applications.
Upgrade without an overhaul.
open standards and an "evergreen"
development strategy, Business Commun-
ications Manager 50 platforms fit well in
hybrid environments that contain a mix
of analog, digital, IP and wireless serv-
ices. And since it interworks with other
Nor tel key/PBX systems, larger Business
Communications Manager systems, and
with our portfolio of convergence call
servers, you have a smooth migration
path - wherever your business success
leads you.
With an easy-to-use and highly flexible architecture, the
Business Communications Manager 50 enables small sites
to benefit from convergence capabilities that were previously
only available to much larger organizations.
One 10/100 Ethernet port supports system programming
and management.
One 10/100 Ethernet port supports converged LAN
Two 10/100 Ethernet ports support LAN connectivity or
connect to optional expansion units that support additional
lines or stations.
An input jack provides a second option for music on hold.
The USB port supports enhanced capabilities for system
An RJ-21 connector on the front panel supports up to
4 analog trunks, 4 analog stations, 12 digital stations,
music on hold, outbound paging and auxiliary relay output.
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