messaging and unified messaging, IP
networking, Internet/ intranet access,
contact centers with skills-based routing,
IP telephony to users' desktops, and an
integrated router option for Ethernet or
ADSL broadband access.
Since the Business Communications
Manager 50 is an integrated solution,
you know these applications will work
together. You won't get lost in a maze of
stand-alone devices, software upgrades
or a tangle of cabling - everything you
need is right there in one compact unit
that can be managed from a single,
intuitive software application.
Transform communications
from basic utility into
competitive advantage
The Business Communications
Manager 50 platform delivers clear
benefits for your business today, and
really proves its value over the long
term, especially as your business grows
and evolves.
Improve customer and client satisfac-
with prompt and efficient call
handling that enables callers to reach
you anytime, anywhere. For example,
with automated attendant and voice
messaging functions, customers can
make inquiries, place orders or schedule
service any time of the day or night.
Enhance employee productivity
the richest portfolio of convenience and
control features, secure Internet access,
and provide the means for users to stay
in touch when away from their desks.
For example, call forward and redirect
features enable you to customize
internal call routing as staff members
visit other offices, move or change
Increase revenues
with optional call
center and self-service applications that
make it easier for customers to do busi-
ness with you. For example, skills-based
routing sends callers promptly to the
agent most qualified to help them.
Reduce costs
by streamlining adminis-
tration, centralizing messaging and
management applications for many sites,
using your existing LAN and the Internet
to securely transmit voice and fax calls,
and capitalizing on new IP services.
Optimize the network
with the ability
to use your existing LAN to carry
voice/fax calls, and interworking with
third-party network elements and appli-
cations. You can order your Business
Communications Manager 50 base
unit with integrated Ethernet or ADSL
router - that's one less element to
think about.
Match the pace of business success.
Software and system expansion modules
enable you to grow naturally as your
business needs change, both in capacity
and features.
Migrate to convergence in phases
today's hybrid environment to pure IP.
Whether you're ready for convergence
today, or a year from now, your options
will be open and your investment
Project a corporate-caliber
image at a small-business
The affordable Business Communica-
tions Manager 50 unit, scaled for small
sites, comes pre-loaded with hundreds
of features and a full suite of integrated
applications. As your business grows and
its needs evolve, you can activate more
capabilities just by entering a key code.
Consider the possibilities:
One of the industry's largest port-
folio of telephony features
- more
than 400 in all - lets you process
calls with exceptional reliability, effi-
ciency and flexibility. You can be sure
that all callers receive prompt, profes-
sional treatment. Employees enjoy
convenience, productivity and control
features that reduce phone tag and
frustration. For example, the system
can put a call on hold to page a
person, who can then pick up the
call from any extension.
Voice messaging
enables callers to
leave important information on a
mailbox for a selected user, depart-
ment or groups of users. The system
adds call information, such as calling
line ID, time and date of the call and
priority level. Employees can record
their own personalized greetings and
enjoy password-protected access to
their messages from anywhere. Mail-
boxes are virtually unlimited, as the
Business Communications Manager 50
provides 100 hours of message storage.
The power of Nortel Business Communications Manager -
perfect for organizations with 3 to 20 users, yet scalable to
serve 40+ users if needed.
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