What is a converged
networking environment?
In a converged environment, both
telephony and data signals are
transmitted as packets over the data
network. This approach delivers
several advantages, including:
Cost-effective IP telephony.
Bandwidth resources that have
traditionally been restricted to
data can now be used for telephony,
maximising the efficiency of a
company's network and simplifying
network management. Digital voice
circuits can be relegated to back-up
status or even eliminated, and toll
charges between branch offices can
be reduced.
Simplified networking architecture.
A single infrastructure is capable of
carrying both data and telephony
traffic, saving money by eliminating
the need to install separate cables
and manage two networks. This
approach reduces repair time and
streamlines system installations
and reconfigurations.
Portable, flexible solution. Network
deployments and reconfigurations
are simplified, and service can be
extended to remote sites and home
offices over cost-effective IP links.
Call centre
When customers pick up the phone,
what happens next can make the
difference between the success and failure
of a business. Whether customers are
calling to place their first order, to
reorder, or for support with an existing
order, Business Communications
Manager can help deliver the top-flight
customer service that leads to success.
Through the power of IP telephony,
Business Communications Manager
enables agents in multiple locations to
support the same queue - even agents
working from home can receive calls as if
they were at the central site. Customers
browsing the website of an organisation
can enter the queue simply by clicking a
button and entering their phone number.
When their request reaches the front of
the queue, they are called at the specified
number by the next available agent.
Special offers can be provided via the web
while they are waiting; and if they just
need a quick question answered, they can
'chat' online when their message reaches
the head of the queue.
Business Communications Manager
also supports Computer Telephony
Integration (CTI), which enables call
centre agents and other users to have
access to caller information before the
conversation begins. Recent purchases
are displayed on the screen, enabling
agents to provide improved customer
service and more efficient call handling.
By giving customers rapid access to sales
and support personnel via the phone,
the web, and email, businesses can
deliver the highest levels of customer
service - even better than larger
competitors who haven't adopted
these advanced techniques.
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