Data services
In today's challenging business
environment, the fast, secure exchange
of information between the users in a
company is a prerequisite for success.
Until now, achieving this level of
connectivity has required the purchase
of multiple devices, posing financial
and network management challenges
that small-and medium-sized businesses
were not prepared to meet.
For organisations that need to establish
secure communication between sites,
Business Communications Manager
supports the creation of Triple DES
encrypted Virtual Private Networks
(VPNs). Contivity software clients can
be loaded on to a user's laptop or PC,
and costly leased-line connections can
be reduced or even eliminated by
establishing secure, encrypted tunnels
over the public Internet, corporate
intranets, and extranets. Ideal for
protecting sensitive data, VPNs use the
most powerful IPSec encryption and
authorisation technologies available, and
can be extended to a Nortel Networks
Contivity Extranet Switch, a Nortel
Networks Shasta 5000 Broadband
Service Node, or another Business
Communications Manager.
Even for small sites, Nortel Networks
delivers a solution capable of meeting all
the data and voice networking needs of a
company from a single, easily managed
device - Business Communications
Manager. The unit includes on-board
routing capabilities and is capable of
extending Internet connectivity to all
users, enabling them to communicate via
email, access web sites, and share files
between remote locations.
Voice messaging
Up to 75 percent of business calls are
not completed on the first try, and that is
why efficient voice messaging is essential
to a company's success. To maximise
efficiency, Business Communications
Manager CallPilot unified messaging
solution enables employees to manage
their voicemail, email, and incoming
faxes directly from any multimedia
Windows PC. Users can listen to
voicemail, save or forward messages,
view faxes on the screen and forward
them as email, or even use Caller ID
to go straight to the message they have
been waiting for.
Many small-and medium-sized
businesses, as well as larger enterprises,
can't afford a full-time receptionist at
every site. The Auto Attendant feature
solves that problem with customer-
controlled routing that gets callers where
they need to go - fast. This ensures that
customers can always reach the company,
eliminating busy signals and the potential
for missing an important call or message.
Business Communications Manager
will help organisations create a flexible,
scalable solution that will improve
customer service and streamline
internal and external communications.
These enhanced voice-processing
applications are an incredible time saver,
and will dramatically simplify companies'
message management.
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