Hybrid digital/IP telephony
Unlike some competing products that
require companies to make an 'either/or'
choice, Business Communications
Manager gives them the option of
continuing to support, or even expand,
their digital telephony network, while
simultaneously deploying IP telephony
where it suits the needs of their organisation.
Business Communications Manager
provides an elegant, self-contained
solution that is simple to deploy and
manage. Unlike complex chassis-based
products that can only be deployed at
the central site, this cost-effective solution
can be installed in the branch office
environment and easily managed from
any remote location.
Business Communications Manager
enables the network of companies to
be extended economically without
sacrificing features or functionality.
Both units deliver the unique benefits
of IP telephony, including:
. Por table connectivity options that enable
a configured handset or computer to be
connected to any LAN/WAN port with
sufficient bandwidth. For example,
a user can connect his laptop at
any branch office, plug in the
Nortel Networks i2050 Software Phone,
and place or receive calls exactly as if
located at his home office.
. Flexible connectivity options that allow
companies to deploy handsets across the
data infrastructure, including wireless
802.11b connectivity and extended
fibreoptic cabling runs.
. Unlike digital phones, which are
hardwired to the PBX base unit, the
Nortel Networks i2002 or i2004
Internet Telephones or Nortel Networks
i2050 Software Phone will work
anywhere on the data network, even
over a remote connection. In addition,
the Contivity VPN capabilities of
Business Communications Manager
extend secure voice services over the
public Internet.
. Toll-free telephony between branch
offices eliminates toll charges. By using
the extra bandwidth on the wide area
network (WAN) for IP telephony,
companies can leverage the untapped
capabilities of their existing data
infrastructure to maximise the return
on their current network investment.
IP telephony offers a truly portable
solution. Any port with sufficient
bandwidth on the LAN/WAN will
provide the connectivity needed - just
plug in a configured phone or laptop
and a user is ready to go. And if wireless
IP connectivity is required for a phone,
laptop, or scanner, the equipment will
work anywhere on the network where
there's an 802.11b access point installed.
Business Communications Manager
delivers a fully integrated solution that
does not require external devices - such
as application servers or voicemail servers
- to realise the benefits offered by IP
telephony. These capabilities are native to
the unit, improving network reliability
and resiliency because there are fewer
devices to manage and keep online.
To ensure prioritisation of latency-
sensitive network traffic such as voice,
the Nortel Networks BayStack 460-24T-
PWR Switch or other DiffServ-capable
device should be installed on the network.
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