Solving business challenges
with hybrid digital/IP solutions
IP-enabled or pure-IP
networks? The choice is yours.
Whether a company is creating
a hybrid digital/IP telephony
environment, or creating a
new IP-based voice network,
Nortel Networks has the solutions
to ensure its success.
For customers interested in a
traditional digital telephony
implementation, Business
Communications Manager supports
the requirements of sites with up to
160 telephones. Nortel Networks
Business Series Terminals provide a
full-featured option for traditional
digital phones. Full interoperability
and support are also offered for
Nortel Networks Norstar and
Meridian equipment.
Today's competitive marketplace demands that organisations
adopt new technologies that can help deliver improved
customer service, reduce operating expenses and increase
revenues by expanding market reach.
A member of the Nortel Networks
Succession converged IP telephony
portfolio, Business Communications
Manager is available in two different
. Business Communications
Manager 200
is designed to supply
the benefits of converged voice/data
networking to smaller sites, typically
of 10 to 24 users and more (up to 64
using a mix of digital and IP phones).
. Business Communications
Manager 400
is designed to bring
the benefits of converged voice/data
networking to small- to medium-sized
sites of 16 to 200 users.
Both models offer key technologies
that can help businesses compete more
effectively, including support for both
IP and digital telephony, Interactive
Voice Response, Auto Attendant, Unified
Messaging, and more - all from a single,
cost-effective, easily-managed device.
Nortel Networks has brought
eight key capabilities into a
single, affordable device
that's designed to help
businesses offer exciting new
services while simultaneously
reducing costs.
Digital and IP telephony
from a
single, cost-effective device. Business
Communications Manager can support
up to 160 digital telephones (or up to
200 telephones, using a mix of digital
and IP phones) and can offer a level of
flexibility and usability that is unmatched
by any other product in today's market.
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