delivers cost-effective IP Telephony access
to as few as ten users. As a company's
business grows it can be expanded to
support up to 200 users. Powerful
management solutions are available that
help companies configure new units with
ease, and make quick, efficient global
changes to all the units on their network.
Government and Education
For central and local government and for
education, Business Communications
Manager offers a robust, stand-alone
solution that provides virtually seamless
voice networking capabilities. Centralised
voicemail and four-digit dialling can be
extended to all branch locations over the
wide area network (WAN). Advanced
telephony features - such as call transfer
between branches, conference calling,
call centres, universal/co-ordinated
dialling plans, and wireless telephony -
streamline internal operations and
increase efficiency.
Finance and Insurance
When security is a priority, Virtual
Private Networks (VPNs) create
encrypted data tunnels between corporate
sites over the Internet, delivering Triple
DES security without the need for costly
leased lines. IP telephony, voicemail, and
four-digit dialling between branches
improve operational efficiency and reduce
costs. Security is also enhanced by using
file transfers, email, and unified
voice/data/fax messaging.
Telephony costs are effectively contained
by consolidating incoming lines and
rerouting traffic over available bandwidth
on the corporate IP network. Incoming
customer calls can be routed through a
main or regional facility and distributed
to Business Communications Manager
units at branch locations manually or
using the integrated Auto Attendant. Call
Detail Recording allows companies to
track telephony usage patterns across the
network, delivering a precise picture of
how network resources are being utilised.
Staff can have instant access to medical
records via their laptops from anywhere
in their facility, accessing and updating
patient records as they make their
rounds. Wireless phones also increase
efficiency by keeping staff in constant
contact with their co-workers. By
eliminating the need for purchasing,
cabling, managing, and maintaining
legacy telephony equipment, facilities
can cut costs through simplification of
their internal network.
Nortel Networks Business
Communications Manager 400 and
Business Communications Manager 200
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