Network convergence strategies
for a broad range of markets
The powerful synergy created by converging traditional data
networks with breakthrough IP telephony applications offers
significant benefits to businesses.
Whether it's using Internet Protocol (IP)
networks to handle telephony traffic,
establishing Interactive Voice Response
and Auto Attendant applications to
provide higher levels of customer service,
or network management tools that
deliver streamlined global solutions,
Business Communications Manager
can help businesses gain a strategic
edge over their competitors.
By supporting both digital and IP
telephony in a single, easy-to-manage,
cost-effective unit, this scalable platform
enables organisations to adopt IP-based
solutions at their own pace.
Network solutions that can
help grow the bottom line
Business Communications Manager
delivers a complete, stand-alone solution
that provides a smooth migration path
to the IP-enabled networks of the future.
Whether a company wants to establish
IP telephony on-site, extend the service
to remote sites, or to home offices,
Nortel Networks can help. Unlike digital
telephony equipment, IP phones are
connected directly to the data network.
This enables companies to capitalise on
the economies of a single, simplified
wiring system for both data and voice
networks. Business Communications
Manager also supports a full range of
flexible wireless IP solutions to streamline
their operations.
Retail and eCommerce
Business Communications Manager
helps deliver new levels of customer service
that can set organisations apart from the
competition. For example, Interactive
Voice Response (IVR) enables customers
to save time by reordering products simply
through entering information via the
touchtone keys on their phone. If they
have a question that needs personal
assistance, Auto Attendant gives them the
option to be routed to a staff member,
request a callback, or receive other
information. This can cut customer on-
hold times and increase employee efficiency.
Business Communications Manager
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