Why Polycom VoIP?
. Polycom is the leading independent supplier of standards-based IP telephones.
. To offer you a choice of end-to-end, integrated VoIP solutions, Polycom ensures that your Polycom phones are fully interoperable with
leading standards-based IP PBX and Softswitch platforms
. Polycom's comprehensive product portfolio encompasses the SoundPoint
IP family of desktop phones, the attendant console based on
the SoundPoint IP 601/650 and Expansion Module, and the SoundStation
IP 4000 conference phone.
Features and Benefits
Outstanding Voice Quality
. Polycom's revolutionary HD Voice
technology delivers voice communications of
life-like interactivity, richness, and clarity*:
- Exceptional sound quality, echo cancellation, and noise reduction
- Support of G.722 wideband codec
- Interactive two-way conversations that are as natural as being there
- Polycom full-duplex
speakerphones are compliant with IEEE 1329 standards
. Network-related provisioning for superb voice quality:
- Quality of Service - IEEE 802.1 p/Q, Layer 3 TOS, and DSCP
- Dynamic jitter buffer
- Sophisticated packet loss concealment algorithms
Enhanced Call Handling, Security, and . Support of up to 24 simultaneous calls on up to 12 lines
Advanced Applications
4 , 5
. Shared call / bridged line appearance
. Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
. Multiple call- and flexible line appearances
. TLS security
, encrypted configuration files
, HTTPS secure provisioning
, support
of "signed" software executables
, URL syntax for boot server address, and
digest authentication
. Microsoft
LCS 2005 interoperability for telephony and presence
- Compatibility with Microsoft Office Communicator and
Messenger 5.1 clients
. XHTML micro-browser for productivity-enhancing Web-based applications
Ease of Use
. Polycom IP phones provide an easy transition from legacy PBX and Key Systems
to the world of IP communications:
- Intuitive user interface
- Easy-to-read, high-quality LCD displays with up to 320x160 pixel resolution
- A combination of up to 26 dedicated hard keys and up to 4 context-sensitive
soft keys for one-touch access to essential features
Efficient Installation, Provisioning, and Ugrades . Polycom IP phones are designed to make installation, configuration, and upgrades
as simple and efficient as possible:
- Centralized provisioning and upgrades from an FTP, TFTP, HTTP
, or HTTPS server
- Support of provisioning
and call server redundancy
- Manual or DHCP set-up. Web configuration
- Lower cabling expenses: dual-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch for LAN and
PC connection
- Choice of powering options: AC adapter or Power over Ethernet
Investment Protection
. Polycom IP phones can be upgraded to new firmware in the field so as to consistently
meet your business communication needs as protocols develop and standards evolve
. Polycom IP phones are standards-based, so there is no need to replace them when
upgrading or replacing your standards-based call server
* Currently available on SoundPoint IP 650 and 550. In some calling scenarios, such as IP to PSTN,
Polycom HD Voice will not be available and the call will progress in narrowband instead.
Please visit http://www.polycom.com/techpartners.htm for a full list of supported IP PBX and Softswitch solutions.
The SoundPoint IP 301 has a monitor-only speakerphone.
Requires SIP version 2.0.x or higher.
Most features must be supported by the call server. Please contact your IP PBX / Softswitch vendor or
service provider for a list of supported features.
Not all Polycom VoIP phones support all features. Please refer to the product documentation for details.
Requires BootROM 3.0.x or higher.
Not available on the SoundPoint IP 301.
The SoundPoint IP 320 and SoundStation IP 4000 have a single 10/100 Ethernet port.
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