IP Phone
Model No.
Advanced, Affordable,
Feature Rich IP Phone for
Business or a Home Office
Interoperability and SIP Based
Feature Set
Based on the SIP standard, the
SPA922 has been tested to
ensure comprehensive
interoperability with equipment
from VoIP infrastructure leaders
enabling service providers to
quickly roll-out competitive,
feature rich services to their
customers. With hundreds of
features and configurable sevice
parameters, the SPA922
addresses the requirements of
traditional business users while
leveraging the advantages of IP
telephony. Features such as
easy station moves, presence,
and shared line appearances
(across local and geographically
dispersed locations) are just
some of the many advantages of
the SPA922.
Carrier-Grade Security,
Provisioning, and
The SPA922 uses standard
encryption protocols to
provide secure remote
provisioning and unobtrusive
in-service software upgrades.
Linksys secure remote
provisioning tools include
detailed performance
measurement and
troubleshooting features,
enabling network providers to
deliver high quality support to
their subscribers. Remote
provisioning also saves service
providers the hassle and
expense of managing, pre-
loading, and re-configuring
customer premise equipment
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