Aastra MBU 400
Your Connection to the World
Key Features and Bene ts:
Fully Integrated Solution
The MBU 400 DECT gateway supports eight unique SIP registrations and
one FXO port providing a fully integrated SIP and Analog service for Small
Business. It offers true multi-user capability with capacity for up to eight
handsets with eight individual VoIP telephone numbers and, unlike traditional
cordless solutions
Superior Tec hnology
Employing DEC T 6.0 technology, the MBU 400 of fers virtually interference-free
performance in work or residential environments . The technology employs
advanced encryption providing an extra layer of security to calls and improving
overall wireless call quality.
Feature Rich Handsets
The 420d handset is equipped with a 1.5”, backlit 64K color graphical LCD
providing phone status, Caller ID, Call Waiting, DND, Transfer, Hold and a
variety of information at-glance. This stylish handset also offers features such
as a speakerphone, vibrate functionality, polyphonic ring tones, eight hour talk
time capability and a large directory for up to 170 entries.
The MBU 400 can expand with a growing Small Business. By simply adding up
to seven additional handsets, the MBU 400 can easily grow to meet changing
business needs. When integrated with the AastraLink Pro™ 160, provisioning of
the handsets is ef fortless.
The Aastra MBU 400 is a ordable, scalable DECT mobility
solution speci cally designed for Small Business
Bringing superior DECT 6.0 based technology to the Small Business/SOHO
market, the MBU 400 o ers a reliable, cost e ective, multi-handset o ce
mobility solution. Consisting of the MBU 400 gateway, which supports
eight unique SIP registrations, one analog FXO port, and up to eight 420d
handsets, the system can function as a standalone SIP DECT solution or
can be tightly integrated with the AastraLink Pro™ 160 IP Key system.
With handset features such as color screen display, polyphonic ring tones
and easy access to functions and features, the MBU 400 can increase Small
Business produc tivity and e ciency.
Featu re Highlights
8 SIP uniqu e registrations, 8 SIP
handsets (420d only) 1 FXO port and 1
LAN por t
Supports up to 4 concurrent calls (3 SIP,
1 Analog)
Intercom between handsets
Graphical color display (128 x 128 bit,
65,536 colors and backlit)
Talk time: 8 hours
Standby time: 240 hours
170 entry phonebook
50m/150ft indo or range
Speaker phone
Polyphonic ring tones
Vibrate alerting
DECT 6.0
AastraLink 160 Pro Integration
Manageable via: TFTP con guration le,
web UI and AastraLink Pro 160
Caller ID Name and Number
Call Waiting Name and Number
Call Transfer
Call Hold
Call Forward
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Voltage an d FSK
Do Not Disturb (DND)
call groups
and allows 4 simultaneous call at once. The MBU 400 can
also be provisioned and managed via the AstraLink Pro 160 web UI, serving
as a single tool for configuration and maintenance of the handsets and other
Aastra SIP terminals.
So ld b y:
h ttp://www .TWA co mm .com
T ol l F re e: (8 77 )
3 89 -0 00 0