The Model 480i CT offers cordless mobility
for enterprise workers. The cordless handset
provides VoIP access anywhere within an
office or warehouse with exceptional features
and performance.
Model 480i CT
IP Phone
Key Features:
Cordless Mobility
— Built-in WDCT technology provides up to 300,000
sq. ft. of coverage without the need for a separate wireless network
Large Base Unit Display
— Eight-line backlit screen with six context
sensitive softkeys provides more information and flexibility in call handling
Enhanced Call Management
— Large storage for personal directory,
callers log, and redial list
Tight Integration
— Support for multiple IP telephony systems including
BroadWor ks®, Nortel, Sylantro, and Asterisk SIP
Multiple Line/Call Appearance Lights
— Supports up to 9 simultane-
ous calls. Juggle multiple calls easily with a single press of a button
Shared Call Appearances
— Shared calls allow you to place a call on
hold at one set and pick it up easily at another set
Remarkable Audio
— Quality speakerphone with excellent voice clarity
and delivery
Protect Your Investments
— Firmware upgrades can be downloaded
and installed in the field as standards develop and protocols evolve
Less Wiring
— Built in dual 10/100 switched Ethernet ports let you
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