Dynamically log agents in or out. Each user can see if
the agent is logged in and taking queue calls. See
each of the queues that are being managed by
iSymphony and how many calls are in each of them.
Agents can dynamically take/place calls in or out of
each queue being managed.
Extension Directories
Creating phone books is easy. Simply open the
Extension Directories module via the Profile Navigator
and you'll see the available directories. If permissible
the users can drag and drop the available extensions
into the directory of their choosing and then choose
to only display them in the Remote Extensions.
Administration Interface
There is no longer a need to edit files on the
command line. All features in iSymphony are now
managed in a single interface. No matter how many
servers you're connecting to with iSymphony you can
easily make modifications in a secure manner.
Enterprise level chat is possible through Jabber
integration. With the Jabber server of your choice
installed iSymphony connects and manages those
connections in an iSymphony module. You can even
have multiple conversations happening at the same
Customized Presences
iSymphony supports custom presences to be
displayed. Out of office, out to lunch or even in a
meeting. Create your own to fit your business needs.
Users can even select a time they will be returning.
This time is displayed to people by hovering over
their extension. Not enough? Set a note before
setting your status.