Multiple Location, Tenant and Profile Support
Multiple offices with separate Asterisk installat ions?
iSymphony 2.0 fully supports multiple locations
(individual Asterisk servers), multi-tenant
configurations and can monitor multiple extensions
for each client installed. All of these setting are
managed via a single interface. Dynamically manage
connections to each server and edit each of the
tenants for multi-tenant installations. Each profile and
are managed on a per location
basis for granular control.
Profile Navigator
Manage all the tabs of your iSymphony installation
within one tab. No matter how many profiles you're
using you see all of them through the Profile
Navigator. Profile Navigator features an Explorer like
feel. Queues, Held Calls, Parked Calls, Local
Extensions, Remote Extensions and Extension
Directories all from one location.
Fast Views
Need quick access to a module but don't use it that
often? Fast Views provide a quick way to dock the
modules for easy access. You can dock them in one
Fast View or multiple, the choice is yours. You can
even move them to the side of the application you
Granular permissions is iSymphony's strong point.
The administrator can finely manage each profile and
what actions that profile can perform. One example
of the permission structure is to disable barging and
recording on the CEO's phone, but his executive
assistant needs to perform these actions. The
administrator can grant the assistant permissions to
barge and record the CEO's phone calls while no one
else in the organization is able to.
Conference Rooms
With iSymphony you can monitor static conferences
or even create you own dynamic conference room.
Drag and drop extensions into your newly created
room. Need to collaborate with someone on a current
call? Create a conference room drop your call in the
room area and invite another user to join the
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